Hanindo Tour & Travel is a travel agency for non-Indonesians who'd like to spend holiday in Indonesia. The company has run for years and relied sales from its partners. It is now thinking to expand its business by selling directly to customers overseas by leveraging the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our client spoke very clearly to us how they really want the web design to be heavily driven by visual content, and here it is. This project was challenging as having a lot of visuals can make the design too cluttered and slow (which is web site's no 1 enemy). Though, we were successful in doing so as the performance of the website is still fast and the divider between sections are crystal clear, avoiding leaving readers confused.

Overall, we delivered three things in this project:

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Performance

Web Design & SEO

The first element that every traveller wants to see when browsing for holiday ideas is image. We certainly put image on every possible spotlights throughout the website. The Home Page itself counts for huge and beautiful images of Indonesia destinations. And yes, you probably are wondering "Isn't it going to slow down the website?". We are proud to say that this web design was reviewed by Google's PageSpeed Insight and granted with 94 speed score. You didn't read that wrong and we'll get to this at the end of this article 😎

As visuals are what travellers look for, we didn't hold back at all. We ensure that the images are presentable and enticing. Also, importantly we provide a lot of options to compare to web visitors which is really what travellers are looking for. By options, we are referring to our UI/UX which never lets a section to only have one topic. 

Home Page - Destination Options

You can see from the two images above, the web design always gives visitors options to pick. Though, this was a huge challenge for us when designing. As websites nowadays don't stay still at all - updating content frequently, we need to think of a flexible layout that can match with ANY IMAGE. With that many image comes an infinite possibilities of what the web design may look like later once client starts updating with new content. Stay assured, we have thought about this since the beginning and going clean white background is really our answer to this. Usually, background can be intrusive to layout if there are images in the layout. On top of that, the aesthetic of the images may not always stay the same as it will be client who have the control of the images.

Navigation Menu Design

Eye-popping Navigation Menu

When we say we didn't hold back, we really didn't. We even incorporated a lot of images to the navigation menu to ensure that visitors are always enticed and well-informed. As the targeted audience of this site is non-Indonesian, providing clear information is really important and image can be a really good addition to compelling text.

Destination Page

One Stop Page for Holiday Information to Indonesia

As client's desire was also to open new sales channel - Organic Search, we came up with an idea to make Destination page to hold useful information that is usually sought by travellers. We researched what are the popular keywords with Ahrefs.com and incorporate that to the design. Basically, we put SEO into the design itself.

Destination Page - Holiday Options (Mobile Version)

On top of the resourceful information, we obviously didn't forget to put client's holiday packages on the same page. However, we want to make the information to look as organic & natural as possible. We instead put the holiday's pakcage list on a different tab but in the same page. There is no need to load a new page, everything will be switched instantly as everything was loaded at the beginning.

Holiday Package Page

Similar to destination page, we also designed the holiday package page to be embedded with SEO organically. We ensure that the design would always have content that are actually searched by travellers on Google; for example we put brief description of the destination, highlights and overview. On top of that, as this is practically the end of the marketing funnel, we have embedded 'Booking Form'. The design purpose is to help the site convert visitors into sales more frequently.

Web Performance

Look at how high the speed score is 😎 We can't lie how proud we are to the performance we have achieved for such contentful website. We really optimise all the images that is on the site, to ensure that it would never slow down the performance. As nowadays visitors use mobile phones, speed is really critical when it comes to website. Poor speed would immediately put off visitors and very likely for them to close the site before even loading.

Visual-driven website with no speed cost

We really put our effort in pushing speed to this very specific client. We know that images can seem to be daunting, but rest assured we get you covered. Though, every business would have different needs. Be sure to consult with us (and it's always free 👌) before performing any digital marketing strategy.

And you can always check our live website with the button below!

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