Vier Corporation is a Investment Portfolio Service business operating in South East Asia. The company was seeking for a web refresh to ensure its brand's digital presence is perceived positively on the internet. Our client didn't have branding guideline at the time of consultation so we took it into account and proposed a simple branding illustration with a colour palette that they can use to match with the new web design.

Overall, we delivered three things in this project:

  • Web Design
  • Branding Illustration
  • Web Performance

Web Design & Branding illustration

As our client is an investment management company, we want to put trust as their branding image. With that in mind, we looked into our client's resource and brainstormed what could have been shown to gain trust from visitors. Our client is great and they had an amzing archive of original reports. We suggested them to put this as the spotlight of their site and they loved it. Every web visitor will now see their original report right after the web is loaded to show that our client is knowledgable and reliable.

Lion Illustration

As noted in the beginning of the article, the company lacked of branding. So, we came up with a lion illustration which was influenced by their very own logo.

Newsroom Page Animation

As our client publishes report and articles, we made them a blog platform with a page called 'Newsroom'. In there, visitors are able to read all the report and articles they have written. As the design of this page will dynamically change with client's update, desiging flexible layout is the key. We decided to go with squared box with overlay animation to ensure that article title will always be readable regardless how fancy the image thumbnail gets ✌

Tab Animation for About Page

We also designed something fancy for their about page by incorporating tabs! Instead of separating about page into multiple pages, we put everything into one page and divide them into tabs. Yes, SEO-wise it is best to have them separated but the fact that their content is minimal, it wouldn't even make a dent on search engine.

WEB performance

This is always the most exciting part of every portfolio article I write. Yes we're sorry we didn't manage to reach 'fast' tier but we're only 1 score away! Overall the web performance of our design is exceptional, thanks to clean codes and optimised images.

Clean, Focus & Trust

We really put our effort in pushing speed to this very specific client. We know that images can seem to be daunting, but rest assured we get you covered. Though, every business would have different needs. Be sure to consult with us (and it's always free 👌) before performing any digital marketing strategy.

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