Bowsprit Asset Management is an investment management service under a giant holding group in South East Asia, Lippo Group. The company owned multiple buildings and also sell shares as part of their business model. We take these into account and build web design that reflects its business model.

Overall, we delivered three things in this project:

  • Web Design
  • Branding Illustrations
  • Web Performance

Web Design

The design of the home page is very straightforward. We decided to put the spotlight on the illustration and brief description of Bowsprit. We want to ensure that every visitor gets clear message on What Bowsprit Does & Offer? As the business is very complex, going with straightforward design is the best decision as we want to ensure that visitors who landed from home page don't get put off immediately by over-exposed information.

We took minimalistic design approach on Bowsprit's new web design as the client wants to provide tons of information through out its site. Having complex design may result an undesirable experience for visitors when reading the information available on the site. 

Navigation Menu

We incorporated 'mega menu' look to the navigation menu. As the service category pages are relatively long with multiple sections throughout the page, we thought that it would be a great UX for the visitors to have anchor links, embedded to the navigation menu, for a quick access to the section they really want to read rather than forcing visitors to scroll relentlessly.

Header Design

For every page, we put a header with similar template design; big image and a box of description. We believe that this design can really deliver message that Bowsprit wants to readers. As Bowsprit was relatively new in the industry, showing clear visuals to visitors can help them understanding what the business is really about.

Map Animation

We also incorporated few animations here and there to make the web more interractive.

Table Design

Our client also requested to show a lot of tables across the website. This was quite a challenge as dynamic tables that are updatable by client can end up as a huge table of data. To avoid broken design due to dynamic content, we carefully layout the table. Our colours were picked carefully in order to keep the table data clear to readers. Also, we have automatic pagination once the table gets too long.

Branding Illustrations

Our illustrations were put in the center of the new web design we provide. Initially, we wanted the web design to be heavily driven by photography of the assets of our client. However, clients were faced with difficulties in providing high quality and presentable photos. We suggested to use illustrations instead as it would also give a touch of personality of the brand. The illustrations are also free to use for them to be incorporated in their other marketing collaterals, to show brand consistency across their media.

Instead of using red - Bowsprit's dominant brand colour, We instead opt for new colour palette which we believe can give a fresh look to Bowsprit. So We decided to add shades of yellow and blue to Bowsprit's colour palette.

Web Performance

A good design would flop if your web performance is similar to a wrecked ship. Slow and unresponsive websites turns visitors off and study finds that this causes high bounce rate. We use Google's PageSpeed Insight as our review tool which is based on Lighthouse platform.

Web design that reflects your business model

Though, every business would have different needs. Be sure to consult with us (and it's always free 👌) before performing any digital marketing strategy.

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